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It is time for a radical difference!


About speaking Dutch, what would excite you?

  • You feel at home in a country where you live and work
  • All the other people do not have to switch over to English, just because of you
  • People speak in their natural language, and you have a great conversation!
  • You know what is going on around you.
  • You do not feel like a tourist, and all your words reflect that you are intelligent and competent
  • You do not have to feel excluded or disrespectful 
  • You have more choice for jobs, education, entertainment,  friends,  or business opportunities 
  • There will be no secrets for you anymore... read more





Why not feel good first?

Free workshop 26 JUL 2015



How fast will you learn a new language if you feel bored or overwhelmed?


Wouldn't if be easier to learn much faster if you feel good?


If you like to experience this for yourself, feel free to come to a special workshop. More info


Learn at least 7 times faster 

Most people say it, and therefore most people believe it. That Dutch is a really difficult language to learn.  And yes.... this may seem true for you.  You may have been struggling with Dutch for quite a long time, you would like to learn it so much faster or there are people that you highly respect that obviously cannot deal with it succesfully.... And then you may say to yourself: 'So... why shouldn't  I have  a hard time?'  Well.... what if it is simply a myth...? You can read more about it in a special free e-book



What about a brain wash?

Sure, it may look like a strange idea.... Many people do not like the idea of brainwashing....


But.... if you think about it for a second time, it may not be a bad idea for speaking great Dutch.... What if you could get rid of those  stupid things and irrelevant thoughts in your head that stop you from speaking great Dutch? What if you could have total clarity instead, so that you can learn fast and laugh your head off?


If you like the idea of a refreshing language experience for your mind, then the Dutch Brain Wash could be something for you... It is an exciting and extremely powerful program to get you on the fun fast track for speaking great Dutch! Read more here


Dutch hyper advanced


Do you already speak great Dutch and would you like to take it to the highest level? Then Dutch Hyper Advanced may be something for you! It is only available as an individual package and... it is only available for people that already master Dutch on a high level. If you are one of them and if you like to take your Dutch to a whole new level, then send me a mail and we can have a personal chat! Just write: hello Albert, I am ready for Dutch hyper advanced!













Free workshop: 
JUL 26th 2015  (more info) Next course:  JUL the 4th 2015 more info 





























































































































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